Front Screen
This repair fixes the front glass, LCD display and the touch screen also referred to as the digitizer.

Dock Connector
This repair replaces the charger port, cellular antenna and the primary microphone.

Earpiece Speaker
This repair replaces the earpiece speaker, which allows you to hear others during a phone call.

This repair fixes a poor battery life, batteries are also usually the first part to break when succumbed to water damage.

Power/Lock Button
This repair fixes the power button located at the top of the device.

Rear Glass
Replaces the rear glass panel on the back of the device

Finger Print Home Button
This repair fixes the finger print scanner home button. During this repair the touch ID function will be disabled permanently.

Front Camera
This repair fixes the front facing camera that is considered the “selfie camera”.

Rear Camera
This repair fixes the rear facing camera located on the backside of the device.

Volume Mute Button
This repair fixes headphone jack, volume buttons, and the mute switch.

This replaces the external speaker.

Vibrate Motor
This repairs the vibrate motor.

Rear Housing
This repair replaces the side frame. 

Water Damage
This service covers the disassembly of the phone as well as applying a solution to the logic board with attempts to free all corrosion from the board.